Boca Lightscapes offers a variety of services to suit your landscape and outdoor lighting needs. We offer new lighting system installations, existing system upgrades, expansions, retrofitting, and repair services for both residential and commercial.

The first step is for us to do a free, no obligation custom landscape lighting design. Let us show you what we can do together.

Residential Design

One of the most important people in our design team for your new outdoor lighting system is you. It’s your property and you know how you want it to look when we are finished. You know how dynamic the look should be or how soothing and relaxing you need it to be. It’s your home and we are here to share your vision.

Boca Lightscapes and you will design a distinctive custom outdoor lighting solution that will satisfy your needs and fulfill your aesthetic desires. From functional to dramatic, it is your property and together we will design the perfect lighting solution.

LED Conversion

Already have a landscape lighting system but need some help optimizing it? Boca Lightscapes can help. We continue to hear from property owners that have existing lighting in place but need some help to optimize the bulb life and effect. The higher quality LED bulbs we use will provide many years of use and help battle the struggle with dimmer bulbs or premature burning out. The lower wattage LED bulbs we use reduce the heat to ensure a much longer life.

If you have new features such as a patio, boat dock or landscaping, we can help integrate new lights into an existing system to create the look you want. We’d be happy to come out and assess the landscape lighting system you have to see if leveraging what you have is still a viable option, especially to fit into a more conservative budget while still accomplishing the desired end result.

Commercial Design

From expansive commerce parks to office buildings, every property can benefit from the added value and safety of professionally installed landscape lighting. There is no better way to showcase the exterior of your business by enhancing curb appeal, driving traffic and welcoming patrons.

Boca Lightscapes has expertise in all commercial installation techniques. Hotels, restaurants, apartments, and HOA properties, value landscape lighting as a positive return on investment. If you are searching for a strategy to light up the competitive landscape nothing can out-perform the results of a professional landscape lighting installation.

System Maintenance

Have a problem with your existing lighting system?

Boca Lightscapes is here for all your needs. Boca Lightscapes can service your property and help you optimize the landscape lighting system you currently have. From simple cable repairs to replacement of fixtures and transformers, we will determine the right solution for you.

Ready to transform your lighting?

Call Boca Lightscapes today and we can figure out the most cost effective way to deliver beyond your expectations!