LED Conversion

Already have a landscape lighting system but need some help optimizing it? Boca Lightscapes can help. We continue to hear from property owners that have existing lighting in place but need some help to optimize the bulb life and effect. The higher quality LED bulbs we use will provide many years of use and help battle the struggle with dimmer bulbs or premature burning out. The lower wattage LED bulbs we use reduce the heat to ensure a much longer life.

If you have new features such as a patio, boat dock or landscaping, we can help integrate new lights into an existing system to create the look you want. We’d be happy to come out and assess the landscape lighting system you have to see if leveraging what you have is still a viable option, especially to fit into a more conservative budget while still accomplishing the desired end result.

Call Boca Lightscapes today at 561-846-9637 and we can figure out the most cost effective way to deliver beyond your expectations!

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